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- Strangely uplifting and sometimes dark -

 by Tayo Odutola @ Earmilk



- If you love real hip hop, this is a must listen -

by awesomenezz @ TripleHQ


 - locally grown MC - 

by John Milovcic ~ EPMD Comes Home to Long Island at The Emporium Patchogue



Montreal born Elmont raised, Long Island resident Johnny Duroseau is no stranger to New York culture. A conscious and brutally honest lyricist who has been hitting the underground hip hop scene hard since his start in 2014. With a heavy word and flow approach, his music is a collection of boom bap hip hop, experimental pop, and sultry jazz. With only one mixtape and an EP out currently, he is already aggressively promoting the release of 3 new projects including: one full mixtape, a UK produced EP and a DIY collaborative project.

John D. developed his high energy, interactive on stage style from his days fronting hardcore bands Nut up and We Can't Win. After heavy involvement in the long island music scene, he later decided to put his pen to the test and pursue a solo music career. Sharing the stage with teambackpack veteran Passionate MC, Strange Music rising stars Ces Cru, young hip hop prodigy AFRO, underground legends Sage Francis, Onyx, and fellow Long Islander R.A. The Rugged man, his biggest show to date was with pioneer’s and role models, LI's own EPMD.

Not in it for the money or fame this MC's purpose is not to change or conform to trends. His goal is to create a new chapter in music that promotes raw creativity but does not forget or disregard the history and culture. Light on profanity he still manages to turn anything he touches into his own twisted composition. Strangely uplifting and sometimes dark, his style represents his alias; Contradiction.